Our Commitment

We recognize the environmental impact of the floral industry and wish to do our part in lessening our footprint. At Sweet Pea's Florals, we continuously strive to uphold sustainable practices. Our goal is to source the freshest flowers from local farms around Northern Virginia. When this is not possible, every attempt is made to source flowers grown in the US. It is important to us to provide beauty through the gifts nature provides us while also giving back and supporting a healthy planet.


Seed Paper

We attempt to use as many eco-friendly supplies and packaging materials as possible. Be sure to check out our flower bouquet cards and business cards which are made of tree-friendly and biodegradable seed paper.

To grow: submerge in less than an inch of water and keep in natural light. After a few days or weeks, the seeds will start sprouting. Transfer to a pot with compost and water regularly. Please bear in mind that, as with everything in nature, many factors will come into play. While we cannot guarantee success, your seeds should sprout if looked after properly.



We attempt to use and reuse our supplies, including vases. We will happily use a vase provided by our clients or refill a vase purchased.


Floral Foam Alternatives

At Sweet Pea's Florals we do not use floral foam as a design technique. Alternatively, we use chicken wire and floral frogs to create our pieces.